Thursday, April 25, 2013


2006  Tampa Bay beats NYY 4-2 despite giving up 14 walks   
2006  Mike Piazza hits his 400th HR – ends with 427
2005  New York Yankees beat Angels 12-4 as Alex Rodriguez drives in 10 runs – 11th player to do so
2001  Luis Gonzalez hits his 13th HR of the month – ties record
1997  With his 267th HR, Ryne Sandberg of Cubs passes Joe Morgan to be the second baseman with the most HRs in MLB history
1990  Nolan Ryan of Texas beats White Sox 1-0 on one hit pitching – 12th of his career to tie MLB record holder Bob Feller                                
1985  Mark Eaton of Utah blocks NBA playoff record 10 shots
1984  NJ Nets beat Philadelphia to advance to NBA finals
1982  Wade Boggs of Red Sox gets his 1st MLB hit – ends with 3,010
1981  Oakland beats Seattle 9-4 – their record now is 17-1
1961  Roger Maris hits his 1st HR of the season – will end with 61

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