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1995  MLB holds its annual draft.. The first player selected had career totals of .282 average, 699 RBI, 1,697 hits in 1,654 games in 14 seasons. Who is he?
1979  The NBA championship is decided. Who won and who did they beat?
1975  Nolan Ryan got his 100th career win. It was a no hitter. At this point how many did he have? What Hall of Famer did he tie with the no hitter?

I'd rather see Mayweather fight Pacquiao than do this "skit" with 50 Cent -

I'd have to think about this a little more, because I initially think it doesn't sound right?
"The greatest point forwards in NBA history"

Monta Ellis of Golden State's tattoo - WTF


2008  Manny Ramirez hits his 500th HR
2002  NJ Nets beat Celtics to advance to NBA finals
1999  Seattle ties MLB record with 58 HRs in May
1996  Atlanta beats Reds 9-1 – tie MLB record with 6 solo HRs
1991  NY Knicks name Pat Riley head coach
1989  Rookie Deion Sanders makes his MLB debut with NYY – will play in 641 games in 9 seasons - .262 average, 39 HRs, 168 RBI, 186 stolen bases
1987  Edmonton beats Flyers 4 games to 3 for Stanley Cup
1986  Wade Boggs of Red Sox goes 5 for 5 – average is .402 – ends season .357
1983  37th NBA championship – Philadelphia sweeps LA Lakers – only lost 1 playoff game in 3 rounds
1983  George Steinbrenner is suspended 1 week for criticizing the umpires
1981  Dodgers go over 1 million in attendance in 22 games    
1979  Pat Underwood makes MLB debut for Tigers and gets 1-0 win beating his brother Tom of Toronto – Pat will appear in 113 games and be 13-18 with 4.43 ERA in 4 seasons, Tom 379 games 86-87, 3.89 ERA in 11 seasons
1970  White Sox beat Boston 22-13 – total 40 hits in the game
1969  Montreal loses its 15th straight game – record 11-32
1968  Don Drysdale beats Giants 3-0 – 5th straight shutout to tie MLB record set in 1904
1964  Mets play Giants in a double header – 2nd game is 23 innings, 1st is 9 – 32 innings and 47 total strikeouts is double header record – Mets struck out 22 times in 2nd game (record)
1943  Joe Namath born – 27,663 passing yards, 173 TDs, 1st 4,000 yard passer in 1967, Super Bowl MVP
1938  Lou Gehrig plays in his 2,000th consecutive game
1937  Carl Hubbell loses – had won 24 straight over 2 seasons
1927  Rookie Jimmie Foxx hits his 1st MLB HR – ends with 534

Monday, May 30, 2011


1989  This well known athlete made his MLB debut  - he will play only 641 games and average .263, have 39 HRs, 168 RBI and 186 steals. Who is he?
1968  Don Drysdale beats Giants 3-0. In doing so he tied MLB record set in 1904. What was it?
1927  This MLB Hall of Famer hit his 1st HR - ended with 534. Who was he?

I can never get enough Ozzie Guillen news


2001  Barry Bonds hits his 522nd HR to pass both Willie McCovey and Ted Williams on all time list – has 17 this month
1992  Minnesota Twins Bert Blyleven beats Angels – had wins as both a teenager and 40 year old in MLB
1991  Rickey Henderson hits a leadoff HR for the 46th time – ends with 81
1987  Eric Davis of Cincinnati hits his 3rd grand slam of the month to tie MLB record
1985  Edmonton wins the Stanley Cup beating Philadelphia 4 games to 1
1982  Cal Ripken Jr. begins his consecutive games played streak
1977  Dennis Eckersley no hits Angels as Cleveland wins 1-0, gave up one walk
1976  Rookie Alvan Adams scores 33 points and has 14 rebounds to beat Boston in game 3 of NBA final
1975  Willie McCovey hits his 16th grand slam and ties Hank Aaron for most in NL all time. He did it as a pinch hitter and it was his 3rd to tie MLB record
1972  Manny Ramirez born
1971  Willie Mays passes Stan Musial’s NL record when he scored his 1,950th run – happened on his 638th HR – ends with 2,062 runs and 660 HRs
1967  Whitey Ford announces his retirement – 263 wins, 2.75 ERA – Cy Young in 1961 with 25-4 record
1962  Maury Wills hits a HR from both sides of the plate – only 7th at the time to do so
1943  Gale Sayers born
1935  Babe Ruth plays in his final game – .342 average, 714 HRs, 2,213 RBI, 2,062 walks in 22 seasons – pitching record 94-46, 2.28 ERA, 107 complete games in 10 seasons

Sunday, May 29, 2011


2001  Barry Bonds hits his 17th HR of the month and in doing so passes 2 MLB Hall of Famers at once on the all-time HR list. Who did he pass.
1987  Eric Davis of the Reds ties the MLB record for most grand slams in a month and becomes the first NL player to hit this many. What is the record for grand slams in a month?
1975  Willie McCovey hits a grand slam to tie Hank Aaron for the most all time in the NL. He did it as a pinch hitter and also tied MLB record for most as a pinch hitter. How many did he have total and how many were as a pinch hitter?


2000  Randy Velarde of Oakland turns 11th unassisted triple play in MLB history
1997  Utah beats Houston 103-100 to advance to NBA finals
1995  Pitcher Chris Hammond of Florida hits a grand slam in win over Astros – last of the 4 HRs he hits in his 14 year career
1994  Al Unser Jr. wins the Indy 500
1993  Jose Canseco pitches in the 8th inning of a 15-1 loss to the Red Sox – gave up 3 runs on 2 hits and 3 walks
1992  Tim Raines gets his 700th stolen base – ends with 808 for #5 all time
1990  Rickey Henderson steals his 893rd base to pass Ty Cobb – only Lou Brock with 938 is ahead of him – will end career with 1,406
1989  Mike Schmidt retires - .267/548/1,595, 3 time MVP
1984  Carmelo Anthony born
1980  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wins his 6th NBA MVP
1977  AJ Foyt wins the Indy 500 for 4th time
1976  Phil Niekro hits the only HR of his 22 season career – hit it off his brother Phil – had 1 HR, 1 triple, and 1 steal in his career
1975  Darryl Dawkins is drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers – 1st high school player #5 overall
1971  Mets beat Padres in both games of a double header – Seaver struck out 10 in the 1st game and Ryan 15 in the 2nd – 9,354 strikeouts combined in their careers
1969  Hank Aaron is pinch hit for only 3rd time in his career
1952  Willie Mays enters the Army

Saturday, May 28, 2011


1989  This MLB Hall of Famer announced his retirement. Career .267 average, 548 HRs, 1,595 RBI, 3 time All-Star. Who is he?
1975  The Philadelphia 76ers choose a high school player #5 overall in the first round. Who was he?
1971  The Mets beat the Padres in both games of a double header. The two winning pitchers combined for 9,354 strikeouts in their careers. Who were they?

One person's list of the 50 players not in Hall of Fame


2006  Barry Bonds hits his 715th HR to pass Babe Ruth
2004  Matt Clement of Cubs hits 3 batters in an inning
2003  Atlanta beats Reds 15-3 – Braves hit 3 consecutive HRs to start the game – only 2nd time in history (1987 Padres)
1999  With Tim Wakefield on the mound, catcher Jason Varitek has 5 passed balls (3 in one inning) – Boston still wins 12-5
1998  Arizona is leading Giants 8-6 and intentionally walks Barry Bonds to allow a run to score with the bases loaded
1995  White Sox beat Detroit 14-12 in 9 innings – teams combine to for MLB record 12 HRs and AL record 21 extra base hits in the game
1992  Terry Porter of Portland sets NBA playoff record (for a 6 game series) with 18 three point field goals in the series
1988  Mariners beat NYY 6-1 – Seattle has MLB record 22 infield assists
1986  Larry Bird wins MVP – 25.8 points, 9.8 rebounds, 6.8 assists, 2.0 steals – it is his 3rd consecutive MVP award and he joins Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain as the only ones to win 3 in a row
1980  Oakland’s Dwayne Murphy and Wayne Gross both steal home in the 1st inning – Oakland has 7 steals for the day
1979  George Brett hit for the cycle plus added one more HR in the 16th to give KC a 5-4 win over Baltimore
1978  Al Unser wins Indy 500 for 3rd time
1978  Dennis Johnson of Seattle blocked 7 shots in a 93-92 win over Washington – most in NBA finals by a guard
1951  Willie Mays gets his 1st MLB hit – career .302 average, 660 HRs, 1,903 RBI, 2 time MVP
1938  Jerry West born – 25,192 points, 5,336 rebounds, 6,238 assists, 14 time All-Star in 14 seasons
1930  Grover Cleveland Alexander makes his final MLB appearance – 373 wins, 2.56 ERA, 437 complete games in 20 seasons

Friday, May 27, 2011


1995  White Sox beat Detroit 14-12 in a 9 inning game. They combined to set a MLB record for HRs in the game and an AL record for extra base hits in the game. How many did they have?
1992  Terry Porter of Portland set a NBA record (for a 6 game series) by scoring how many 3 point field goals?
1938  BORN TODAY: This MLB Hall of Famer had career numbers of 25,192 points, 5,336 rebounds, 6,238 assists, and was a 14 time All-Star in 14 seasons. Who is he?  A quote from him: "To be candid with you, free agency hurts all sports. It's great for athletes making an enormous amount of money. But to say it helps the sport, I don't believe that".
1930  This MLB Hall of Famer made his final pitching appearance. Career: 373 wins, 2.56 ERA, 437 complete games, and 3 consecutive seasons of 30 or more wins. Who was he?

Thought this was funny  -  http://w17l.blogspot.com/

Fan spent $30.000 on 7 season tickets and is kicked out for wearing inappropriate t-shirt

Had not check this blog out in a couple of days - worth a look


MAY 27
2009  Red Sox pitchers tie MLB record with 6 wild pitches in 4-1 loss to the Twins
2006  Curt Schilling gets his 200th win – ends with 216, 3.46 ERA
2002  Shawn Green of Dodgers gets his 10th HR in 7 days
2000  Reds retire #24 uniform of Tony Perez -- .279 average, 279 HRs, 1,652 RBI
2000  Maurice Richard died – 8 time Stanley Cup winner – 544 career goals
1996  Detroit loses 12th straight game and 32 of last 36 – record 12-39
1993  Dale Murphy of Colorado announces his retirement - .265 average, 398 HRs, 1,266 RBI, 2 time MVP in 18 seasons
1988  Red Sox Dwight Evans gets his 2,000th hit – ends with 2,466
1985  Boston beats LA in game 1 of NBA finals 148-114 – 148 is finals record – Scott Wedman shot 11 for 11
1981  Julius Erving wins NBA MVP – 25.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 2.2 steals – only MVP in both ABA and NBA
1975  Philadelphia wins Stanley Cup beating Buffalo in 6 games
1973  Milwaukee Bucks end NBA season with 14 straight wins (60-22)
1968  Montreal and San Diego are awarded MLB franchises
1968  Frank Thomas born - .301 average, 521 HRs, 1,704 RBI, 2 time MVP
1968  Jeff Bagwell born - .297 average, 449 HRs, 1,529 RBI, MVP
1967  Reds beat Pittsburgh 6-1 – played 5 prior 1 run games and will play next 11 one run games – 8-8 record in the 16
1961  Ralph Boston is the 1st to long jump 17’
1955  Red Sox Norm Zauchin gets 10 RBI in the game
1937  Carl Hubbell wins his 24th straight game over 2 seasons – will be 48-14 in 1936 and 1937 combined
1873  1st Preakness won by Survivor

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1981  The NBA announces the winner of its MVP award. He averaged 25.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, 4.6 assists, and 2.2 steals per game. Who is he?
The first had a career average of .301, 521 HRs, 1,704 RBI, and won the MVP award in back to back years.Who is he?  A quote from this player on steroid users - "I do feel I was overshadowed by some of those guys. I had a diminished-skills clause written into my contract after I hit 29 HRs and drove in 92 runs, and I think those(steroid-aided HR hitters) are partly to blame".
The second player averaged .297, 449 HRs, 1,529 RBI, won Rookie of the year award and MVP award the year he batted .368. Who is he? - A quote from this player - "Hitting is no problem. The question is can I make throws".

Nice post by InfielderChatter - http://infieldchatter.blog.com/2011/05/26/dubious-deeds/
Found this out there somewhere -  32 photos from the best moments in sports for 2008 - will bring back memories


2009  Zach Greinke beats Detroit 6-1 – record now 8-1 with 0.84 ERA – ends with 16-8, 2.16 ERA and wins Cy Young
1999  “The Bill Russell Tribute” is held at Fleet Center to honor the all time winningest individual in team sports
1999  Vince Carter named NBA Rookie of the Year – 18.3 points, 5.7 rebounds. 3.0 assists
1997  Sammy Sosa of Cubs and Tony Womack of Pirates both hit inside the park HRs in the 6th inning of Cubs 2-1 win – 1st time it has happened in 20 years
1996  The White Sox hit 4 HRs in the 8th inning in a 12-1 win over Milwaukee – 16th time it has been done in the AL
1993  A long fly ball by Carlos Martinez bounces off the head of Jose Canseco and goes over the fence for a HR
1988  Edmonton sweeps Boston for the Stanley Cup
1987  Larry Bird steals an inbound pass from Isiah Thomas and passes to Dennis Johnson for a 108-107 win
1969  Hank Aaron hits his 500th double – 3rd with 500 doubles and 500 HRs – ends with 624 doubles and 755 HRs
1966  Juan Marichal pitches a 14 inning shutout to beat Philadelphia – 6 hits, 1 walk, 10 strikeouts
1925  Ty Cobb is the 1st to get 1,000 extra base hits

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


1999  The NBA announced the winner of its Rookie of the Year award. He averaged 18.3 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per game. Who is he?
1969  This MLB Hall of Famer became only the 3rd player in history to have 500 doubles and 500 HRs. Who is he?
1925  This MLB Hall of Famer became the 1st player to record 1,000 extra base hits. Who was he?

SPORTSCUBICLE has a post and references Ozzie Guillen - can't get enough Ozzie - had to find some great quotes   http://bleacherreport.com/articles/392988-the-r-rated-yogi-the-10-most-memorable-ozzie-guillen-quotes-of-all-time#/articles/392988-the-r-rated-yogi-the-10-most-memorable-ozzie-guillen-quotes-of-all-time


2008  Omar Vizquel of Giants plays in his 2,584th game at shortstop – passes Luis Aparicio for most all time
2002  Barry Bonds hits his 584th HR to move pass Mark McGwire for #5 all time
2002  Shawn Green of Dodgers hits 2 HRs – has 7 in 3 games to set MLB record
2002  Robert Hernandez of KC gets his 300th save – ends with 326
1997  Minnesota Twins retire #34 of Kirby Puckett - .318 average, 207 HRs, 1,085 RBI, 10 time All-Star in 12 seasons
1993  Charles Barkley named NBA MVP – 25.6 points, 12.2 rebounds, 5.1 assists
1991  Pittsburgh Penguins beat Minnesota 4 games to 2 to win Stanley Cup
1989  Stanley Cup won by Calgary as they beat Montreal 4 games to 2
1986  George Brett gets his 2,000th hit – ends with 3,154             

1984  Red Sox trade Dennis Eckersley to Cubs for Bill Buckner
1983  Kirk Gibson (Tigers) and Jorge Orta (Blue Jays) both hit an inside the park HRs in the game
1983  Pirates pitchers combine to walk 7 straight batters in an inning – tie MLB record
1982  Ferguson Jenkins gets his 3,000th strikeout – ends with 3,192
1982  Jim Palmer gets his 250th win – ends with 268, 2.86ERA and 3 Cy Youngs
1981  Carl Yastrzemski plays in his 3,000th game – joins Cobb, Musial and Aaron – ends with 3,308 in 23 seasons
1975  Dennis Eckersley of Indians beats Oakland in his 1st MLB start – will win 197, 390 saves, 3.50 ERA in 24 seasons
1975  Golden State sweeps Washington to win NBA title
1965  Twins beat Red Sox 17-5 – 9 different players hit a HR in the game to tie MLB record
1965  Muhammad Ali KOs Sonny Liston in 1 for heavyweight title
1951  Willie Mays makes his MLB debut – goes 0-5 - .302 average, 660 HRs, 1,903 RBI, 2 time MVP, 20 time All-Star
1935  Babe Ruth hits his 714th and last HR – hit 1st May 6, 1915

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


1993  The NBA announces the winner of its MVP award. He averaged 25.6 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game. Who was he?
1981  Carl Yastrzemski played in his 3,000th MLB game. He ended his career with 3,308 games played. He joined 3 players who had played 3,000 or more games. Who were they?
1951  This MLB Hall of Famer made his big league debut and went 0 for 5. He would do better. Who was he?

Good analysis of team breakdown of HRs and runs scored so far this season


2007  John Smoltz gets his 200th win – 1st pitcher in MLB history with 200 wins and 150 saves – ends with 213 wins and 154 saves
2002  Shawn Green hits his 5th HR in 2 games to tie MLB record, but Dodgers lose 14-3 to Arizona
2000  Isiah Thomas and Bob McAdoo inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame
2000  Mark McGwire hits his 20th HR in his 35th game
1995  White Sox and Rangers play longest double header in MLB history – 7 hours 39 minutes
1995  Dennis Eckersley gets his 300th save – 6th to do so – ends with 390 and 197 wins
1994  Philadelphia beats St. Louis 4-0 – Cards set MLB record by stranding 16 without scoring
1993  Luis Polonia of Angels is caught stealing 3 times to tie AL record
1992  Al Unser Jr. wins the Indy 500
1990  Edmonton beats Boston 4 games to 1 to win Stanley Cup
1988  A power outage in Boston Garden occurs during NHL finals
1987  Al Unser Sr. wins the Indy 500
1984  Tigers tie MLB record with 16th straight road win – record 35-5 – will end 104-58 and win World Series
1972  Pitcher Don Rose of Angels gets his 1st MLB win and hits his 1st HR – will not win or HR again – ends career 1974 with 1-4 record and will manage just one more hit
1969  Rookie Joe Sipin of San Diego makes his MLB debut and gets 2 triples – played only 68 games with 229 at bats – these are his only triples
1964  Lou Brock steals home for the 1st time in his career
1957  Cubs rookie Frank Ernaga hits a HR and triple in his 1st 2 at bats – will play 29 games in his career and have 2 HRs and 2 triples

Monday, May 23, 2011


2007  MLB pitcher gets his 200th win and becomes the 1st MLB pitcher to have 200 wins and 150 saves. Who is he?
1995  This MLB Hall of Famer got his 300th save - 6th to do so - ended his career with 390 saves and 197 wins. Who is he?
1984  The Detroit Tigers improve their record to 35-5 and tie the MLB record for most consecutive wins on the road. How many did they have?

Who has best tats in NFL?  http://vlsportysexycool.com/2011/05/22/sunday%e2%80%99s-best-who-has-the-best-tattoos-in-sports-part-2/

$1,000 stolen turn of the century baseball card was on sale on EBAY for $60


MAY 23
2002  Shawn Green of Dodgers goes 6 for 6 with 4 HRs and 7 RBI – MLB record 19 total bases
2000  Rickey Henderson gets his 2,000th walk – 3rd all time (Ruth and Ted Williams) – will end with 2,190
1999  Tom Gordon gets his 50th straight save in 50 chances – had MLB best 46 saves in 1998
1999  Baltimore beats Texas 15-6 – scored 10 runs in 1st – Brady Anderson is hit twice in the inning to tie MLB record
1996  Roger Clemens of Red Sox gets his 1st MLB hit – 1st by a Boston pitcher since 1972 – career .173 average
1991  Baltimore fires manager Frank Robinson – record 13-24
1984  Tigers beat Angels – record now 34-5 with 16 straight road wins
1982  Philadelphia beats Celtics in game 7 of Eastern Conference finals to advance to NBA finals
1980  Ferguson Jenkins wins his 250th game – ends with 284, 3.34 ERA
1978  AL approves of the transfer of the Red Sox to Jean Yawkey for $15 million
1978  Bill Walton named NBA MVP – 18.9 points, 13.2 rebounds
1976  Dave Cowens scores 25 points and has 21 rebounds in game 1 of NBA finals win over Phoenix
1975  Golden State gets record 17 steals in NBA finals win over Washington
1969  Rookie Al Oliver of Pittsburgh ties MLB record with 3 errors in one inning
1962  Rookie Joe Pepitone of NY Yankees hits 2 HRs in the 1st inning – 6th in AL history to do so
1958  Wilt Chamberlain says he will leave his final year at Kansas to play for the Harlem Globetrotters
1954  “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler born – middleweight champion 1980-87 – 62 wins, 3 losses, 2 draws, 52 KOs
1948  Joe DiMaggio gets 3 consecutive HRs in a 6-5 win
1924  Walter Johnson gets his 103rd career shutout – ends with 110

Sunday, May 22, 2011


2002  Shawn Green of LA Dodgers goes 6 for 6 in the game. He set MLB record for the most total bases. How many did he have?
2000  Rickey Henderson got his 2,000th career walk (3rd all-time). He ended his career with 2,130. What 2 players were ahead of him?
1978  The NBA announced the winner of its MVP award. Averaged 18.9 points and 13.2 rebounds. Who was he?

Cubs GM says Red Sox manager Terry Francona was their choice to be manager had Baker not returned

Jered Weaver's historical run  in both directions  http://thesportscube.blogspot.com/2011/05/jered-weaver-oddest-season-in-major.html


2003  High School star LeBron James signs $90 million deal with Nike
2001  Barry Bonds hits his 9th HR in 6 games – ends with 73
2000  The Florida Marlins set a record by having 4 players steal 2 or more bases in the game (10 total). Since 1919 to today only 22 other teams had 3 players who stole more than 2 in a game
1999  Roger Clemens of NYY beats Chicago 10-2 – his 19th straight win over 2 seasons
1997  Boston beats NYY 8-2 – Red Sox have 19 hits, but strand 16
1994  It is announced that the NBA expansion team from Toronto will be called the “Raptors”
1990  Andre Dawson of Chicago is walked intentionally 5 times in a 16 inning game (MLB record) – the Reds issued 7 intentional walks
1988  Boston beats Atlanta 118-116 in game 7 of Eastern Conference semi finals – Wilkins had 47 points and Bird had 34 (20 in 4th quarter)
1982  Apolo Anton Ono born – 8 time Olympic medalist in speed skating
1977  Boston beats Milwaukee 14-10 – teams combine to tie MLB record with 11 HRs in the game
1975  Lefty Grove died – MLB pitcher won 300 games, 3.06 ERA in 17 seasons – won MVP in 1931 with 31-4, 2.06 ERA
1969  Hank Aaron is lifted for a pinch hitter in a 15-3 win over the NY Mets – 1st time in 9,015 at bats – Mike Lum hit a double                                   
1968  Willie Stargell has 3 HRs, a double, single and 7 RBI in a 13-6 win over the Cubs
1968  Don Drysdale of Dodgers beats Bob Gibson of Cards 3-0 – 3rd straight scoreless game he has pitched
1962  Roger Maris gets 5 walks in the game – 4 intentional
1958  Ted Williams hits his 16th grand slam
1957  The Red Sox hit 4 HRs in the 6th inning – AL record

Saturday, May 21, 2011


1990  In a 16 inning game, Andre Dawson of Chicago set a MLB record for being intentionally walked the most times in a game. The Reds also tied a MLB record for most intentional walks issued in a game. How many did Dawson have? How many did Reds issue?
1975  This MLB Hall of Fame pitcher died today. Had a career 3.06 ERA in 17 seasons. In his MVP season he was 31-4 with a 2.06 ERA. Who was he?
1969  This MLB Hall of Famer was lifted for a pinch hitter for the first time in his career (9,015 at bats). The pinch hitter got a double. Who was the Hall of Fame player?


2005  Texas hits 4 HRs in one inning and a total of 8 in a 18-3 win over Houston
2002  Randy Johnson of Arizona gets his 3,500th strikeout – ends with 4,875
2001  Barry Bonds hits his 8th HR in 5 games to tie MLB record
2000  Rickey Henderson hits a leadoff HR for the 77th time – ends doing it 81 times
1997  Roger Clemens wins his 200th game – ends with 354 and 3.12 ERA
1994  Dikembe Mutombo sets NBA record with 38 blocked shots in a 7 game series
1992  Don Nelson of Golden State wins his 3rd NBA Coach of the Year Award – 1st to do so
1991  Bulls beat Detroit 105-97 – NBA record 15th consecutive playoff win at home
1985  Vince Coleman hits his 1st MLB HR – will only have 28 in 13 seasons, but will have 752 stolen bases
1979  Stanley Cup won by Montreal as they beat Rangers 4 games to 1
1977  Seattle Slew wins the Preakness on the way to the Triple Crown
1967  Whitey Ford of NYY appears in his last MLB game – 236 wins, 2.75 ERA in 16 seasons
1952  The Brooklyn Dodgers score 15 runs in the 1st inning – beat Reds 19-1
1943  Fastest AL game – White Sox beat Senators in 89 minutes
1930  Babe Ruth hits 3 consecutive HRs in the game

Friday, May 20, 2011


1994  Ditembe Mutombo set NBA playoff record for the most shots blocked in a 7 game series. How many did he have?
1991  The Bulls beat Detroit 105-97. They set a playoff record for the most consecutive wins at home. How many did they have?
1967  This MLB Hall of Fame pitcher played in his last game. Career 2.75 ERA in 16 seasons. Who was he?

Position players who are having surprising years  http://flagsflyforever.blogspot.com/2011/05/all-i-cant-believe-this-guy-is-actually.html#more

Came across this blog you might like  http://www.backyardsportsblog.com/


2008  Mike Piazza announces his retirement
2006  Barry Bonds hits his 714th HR to tie Babe Ruth
2005  Twins pitcher Carlos Silva beats Milwaukee 7-1 –threw only 76 pitches in the game
2000  Rickey Henderson plays 1st game for Seattle – hits a leadoff HR for them – 76th time in his career – ends with 81
1999  NY Mets beat Milwaukee in both games of a double header – Robin Ventura hit a grand slam in each game – 1st to do so
1996  Michael Jordan wins his 4th NBA MVP – 30.4 points, 6.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 2.2 steals
1995  Houston which had been down 3 games to 1 in Western Conference semi finals beats Phoenix in game 7 115-114 – 2nd time in history such a comeback occurred in NBA
1988  Mike Schmidt hits his 535th HR to move pass Jimmie Foxx on HR list
1984  Roger Clemens gets his 1st MLB win – ends with 354, 4,672 strikeouts, 3.12 ERA
1983  Steve Carlton moves pass Walter Johnson to become #2 all time strikeout leader with 3,510
1976  Carl Yastrzemski ties MLB record with 5 HRs in 2 games
1964  Philadelphia beats San Francisco to end Juan Marichal’s 12 game win streak
1964  Buster Mathis beats Joe Frazier to make the Olympic team – Mathis will get hurt and Frazier will win gold
1960  St. Louis Cardinals are now 10-3 at home and 2-17 on road
1948  Joe DiMaggio hits for the cycle plus hits an extra HR – did the same 11 years ago – only player in MLB history to do so
1948  Cleveland Indians get 18 walks vs. Boston – won the game 13-4
1946  Cubs pitcher Claude Passeau makes his 1st error since 9/21/41 – ending 273 consecutive errorless chances
1941  Lefty Grove wins his 20th straight game at Fenway 4-2 over Detroit
1919  Babe Ruth hits his 1st career grand slam – also won as pitcher
1900  2nd modern Olympics open in Paris

Thursday, May 19, 2011


1999  The NY Mets beat Milwaukee in both games of a double header. Robin Ventura became the first player in MLB history to accomplish this feat in both games. What was it?
1964  This boxer beat Joe Frazier to make the U.S. Olympic team, but was hurt during the fight and Frazier would replace him. Who was he?
1948  This MLB Hall of Famer hit for the cycle plus hit an additional HR in the game. He did the same thing 11 years earlier and is the only one in the history of the game to do it twice. Who was he?

Courtesy of SportsChatterings ( a must vist every day) - 4 reasons to be a  Boston Red Sox fan (even if you are not)  http://sportschatterings.blogspot.com/search/label/Boston%20Red%20Sox

Political correctness run amok. Are the Yankees terrorists?  http://quinnmedia.blogspot.com/

I was tired of looking at "Who was the best player who wore #5" - DiMaggio won of course,


2008  John Lester of Red Sox no hits KC – Jason Varitek catches his 4th no hitter
2001  Ichiro Suzuki’s 23 game hitting streak ends
1999  Cincinnati beats Colorado 24-12 – Reds have 28 hits with 7 players 3 or more – Sean Casey reaches base all 7 times to tie MLB record – 28 hits ties MLB record set in 1902
1999  Arizona’s Luis Gonzalez has his 30 game hitting streak end
1996  Fred McGriff hits his 300th HR – ends with 493
1996  White Sox beat Detroit 14-3 – Sox had 2 grand slams in the game
1991  Willy Ribbs is the 1st black driver to reach the Indy 500
1987  Magic Johnson named NBA MVP – 23.9 points, 12.2 assists
1987  Milwaukee loses their 12th straight game – had started the season with 13 straight wins – now are 20-15
1979  Spectacular Bid wins the Preakness on the way to Triple Crown
1976  Carl Yastrzemski plays in his 2,293rd game with Boston to pass Ted Williams as #1 all time – will play in 3,308 for them
1976  Kevin Garnett born
1974  Philadelphia wins Stanley Cup 4 games to 2 over Boston
1973  Secretariat wins the 99th Preakness on the way to the Triple Crown
1962  Stan Musial gets his 3,431st hit - #1 in NL passing Honus Wagner
1935  The NFL announces a college draft will begin in 1936
1910  Cy Young wins his 500th game – ends with 511, 2.63 ERA, 749 complete games in 22 seasons

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


2008  Johm Lester of the Red Sox throws a no hitter vs. the KC Royals. Jason Varitek was the catcher. How many no hitters did Varitek catch?
1973 and 1979  The Preakness is run today and the winner went on to capture the Triple Crown. Who were they?
1962  Stan Musial got his 3,431st hit to become #1 in the National League. Who did he pass?

Nice detailed article about Titans past with Vince Young and their future course.

Will the real Mark Cuban please stand up  http://thesportscube.blogspot.com/


2004  Randy Johnson pitches a perfect game – 17th in history and he is the oldest at age 40 – also only the 5th to pitch a no hitter in both leagues
2000  Mark McGwire passes Mickey Mantle on all time HR list
2000  SD beats Florida 6-2 – Florida had 10 stolen bases in 10 attempts
1998  Michael Jordan named NBA MVP – 28.7 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.5 assists
1990  Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg commits an error – 1st in 123 games
1990  Orioles hit 8 straight singles in the 1st inning – tie AL record
1988  Dave Stewart sets MLB record with his 12th balk of the season – will end with 16
1981  Fernando Valenzuela of Dodgers loses to Philadelphia – record now is 8-1 with 0.90 ERA
1971  Stanley Cup won by Montreal 4 games to 3 over Chicago
1969  Rod Carew steals 2nd, 3rd, and home in the 3rd inning for Twins – Cesar Tovar also steals 3rd and home in the inning – tie MLB record
1968  Frank Howard ties AL record with a HR in his 6th straight game – has 10 HRs for the week – most ever
1946  Reggie Jackson born - .262 average, 563 HRs, 1,702 RBI, MVP, 14 time All-Star
1945  Brooklyn Dodgers Luis Olmo hits a bases loaded HR and a bases loaded triple – will not happen again for 55 years
1937  Brooks Robinson born - .267 average, 268 HRs, 1,357 RBI, MVP in 1964, 16 Gold Gloves – also holds the dubious record of hitting into MLB record 4 triple plays in his career.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Killebrew

A selection of quotes by a class man and baseball player

A quick biography


2004  Randy Johnson pitched the 17th perfect game in MLB history. He also accomplished two additional feats, one a MLB record and the other was only the 5th time in MLB that this was done. What were the other two accomplishments?
1988  Although the season was young, Dave Stewart set the MLB record for the most balks in a season. How many did he have?
BORN TODAY: 1946 MLB Hall of Famer - .262 average, 563 HRs, 1,702 RBI, MVP winner
BORN TODAY: 1937 MLB Hall of Famer - .267 average, 268 HRs, 1,357 RBI, MVP winner (also holds one of the more dubious MLB records).Who are they and what record does our B-Day boy from 1937 hold?

Any imput for John? http://johnsbigleaguebaseballblog.blogspot.com/
Don't know if any of you are into sports cards, but was looking at the blogs John follows and if you are you should check this out plus the blogs he follows


2009  NY Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey balks 3 times in the game
2005  Pitcher Ervin Santana of Angels makes his MLB debut – gives up a triple, double, single, and HR in his 1st 10 pitches
1998  David Wells of NYY throws a perfect game – 13th in MLB history
1997  Atlanta beats St. Louis 11-6 – Kenny Lofton has 5 hits – 3rd time he has done so this season
1995  Jason Kidd and Grant Hill named co-Rookie of the Year winners
1993  Pat Riley named NBA coach of the year – led Knicks to 2nd 60 win season in their history
1992  Wade Boggs gets his 2,000th hit – ends with 3,010
1992  Gary Carter catches his 2,000th game – joins Bob Boone and Carlton Fisk
1988  John Stockton ties playoff record with 24 assists (Magic Johnson)
1987  San Antonio wins NBA lottery – will choose David Robinson
1984  Alan Wiggins of SD steals 5 bases vs. Montreal (ties NL record) – ends season with career high 70 and NL high 21 caught stealing
1981  NY Islanders score 5 power play goals in the playoffs vs. Minnesota
1979  Phillies beat Cubs 23-22 in 10 innings – 50 hits, 11 HRs
1978  Lee Lacy of Dodgers hits a pinch hit HR – 3rd consecutive as a pinch hitter – MLB record
1970  Hank Aaron gets his 3,000th hit ends with 3,771 – also hit his 570th HR – 1st to have 500 HRs and 3,000 hits
1967  Baltimore beats Red Sox 12-8 – 7 players hit a HR for Orioles including 4 in one inning

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1995  The NBA announced its Rookie of the Year Award - there were Co-MVPs - first since 1970-71 season (Dave Cowens and Geoff Petrie) - the first averaged 11.7 points/5.4 rebounds/7.7 assists/1.9 steals - the second averaged 19.9 points/5.4 rebounds/5.0 assists/1.8 steals. Who were they?
1993  The NBA announced its Coach of the Year winner. Led his team to the first 60 win season in franchise history. Who was he?
1978  Lee Lacy of the Dodgers set a MLB record as a pinch hitter. What was it?

With the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, MLB season, NFL lockout etc. it might be easy to miss the changing of the guard in men's tennis.Tennis is not McEnroe/Connors anymore, but Federer/Nadal were alive. SportsCubicle fills you in.  http://thesportscube.blogspot.com/

For some reason I heard this on the radio today and had to look it up. It is a year old story about the hapless NY Mets and Bobby Bonilla's contract.


NBA HEADED OFF CLIFF  http://www.celticstown.com/2011/05/16/nba-owners-propose-45-million-hard-salary-cap/


2004  Ben Sheets of Milwaukee strikes out 18 Atlanta batters
2001  Rickey Henderson hits his 79th leadoff HR – ends with 81
2001  Sammy Sosa hits his 400th HR – ends with 609
1999  #8 seed NY Knicks beat #1 seed Miami Heat – only 2nd time in NBA history (Seattle 1994)
1996  Sammy Sosa hits 2 HRs in one inning – 1st Cub to do so
1987  Brewers lose 10th straight game – started the season 18-2  
1986  Tony Phillips of Oakland goes 5 for 5 and hits for the cycle
1985  Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of the Year – 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds. 5.9 assists, 2.4 steals
1983  Rookie Daryl Strawberry hits his 1st HR – ends with 335
1981  Houston’s Craig Reynolds hits 3 triples in a game – will lead league with 12 this year
1980  With Kareem injured, Magic Johnson plays center and scores 42 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists as Lakers win NBA title – most points scored by a rookie in NBA finals
1976  The Stanley Cup is won by Montreal as they sweep the Flyers
1965  Jim Palmer gets his 1st MLB win – ends with 268, 2.86 ERA and 3 Cy Young awards – also hit his 1st HR (had 3 in his career)
1954  Ted Williams goes 8 for 9 in a double header with 7 RBI – Boston lost both
1951  Mickey Mantle hits his 1st HR in Yankee Stadium – will hit 206 there
1928  Billy Martin born .257 career hitter, managed 2,267 games won 1,253