Friday, May 10, 2013


1999  Relief pitcher Mike Stanton of NYY makes his 1st MLB start – had made 552 relief appearances before today – it is the only start he will make in his 1,178 games he appears in – he got a no decision
1995  Cleveland beats Royals 10-0 – tied MLB record by getting 8 runs in the 1st inning before making an out
1988  Lenny Wilkins and K.C. Jones inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame
1987  Eddie Murray hits a HR from both sides of the plate – did the same yesterday – 1st time ever in back to back games
1962  Brooks Robinson hits a grand slam - did so yesterday – only the 6th to do so in consecutive games
1961  Jim Gentile of Orioles hits back to back grand slams in consecutive innings – only 3rd to ever do so
1960  Tony Gwynn born - .338 hitter in 22 seasons, 16 time All-Star, led league in batting 8 times including .394 in 1999
1946  Red Sox win 14th straight game (20-3) – end season 104-54 and will lose World Series in 7 games
1943  New baseball used in MLB – said to be 50% livelier – used because of wartime rubber shortages

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