Friday, May 3, 2013


2004  Atlanta commits 7 errors in a loss to Colorado 13-4
2002  Mike Cameron hits 4 HRs in the game (13th to do so) – he and teammate Bret Boone hit back to back HRs in the first inning TWICE – MLB record
2000  Atlanta wins 15th straight game
1999  Rafael Palmiero gets his 2,000th hit – ends with 3,020
1995  Red Sox beat NYY 8-0 – two grand slams do all the scoring
1984  Andre Thornton of Indians gets 6 walks in the game – only 3rd time in MLB history
1968  Boston Celtics beat LA Lakers 4 games to 2 to win NBA title – Bill Russell wins as player/coach
1967  Toronto beats Montreal 4 games to 2 to win the Stanley Cup
1964  Minnesota Twins hit 4 consecutive HRs in one inning – only 3rd time in MLB history – hit them in the 11th for a 7-3 win
1964  Northern Dancer wins the Kentucky Derby
1953  Carlos Bernier of Pittsburgh hits 3 consecutive triples
1939  Lou Gehrig voluntarily ends his 2,130 consecutive games streak due to continued weakness – April 30 was the last game he played in his career

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